New Year’s Something

3 Jan

So what’s the state of America these days?  There’s nothing like doing some holiday shopping in the big box stores of the Jersey suburbs to make you think: I don’t really want to answer that question.  But then you end up spending some time in the quiet snow covered woods of northern New York (you know, the “north country”) and you realize that actually America is pretty damn special – the world’s second coming and all that; the slumbering vision of god’s warm embrace.  So what is it?  Why the discrepancy?  Is it just the people who are so shitty?  I mean, how can you reconcile the beatitude of the woods with the bereftness of the big box store?  You’ve got to get all mystical or something to answer that one, right?  I don’t know, does getting stoned and lying on the couch feeling expansive count?

I mean, it’s so easy to get so sad when you think about the people.  I mean my god, the people!  What sad fat fuckers.  But you know, what sad fat fuckers who also probably want to touch the face of god.  Let’s celebrate that fact at least.  Why do we try so hard to deny it and then pretend that that’s so normal (I mean, beside the fact that people make a lot a lot of money off of it).  Isn’t it funny that most of the most famous people have nothing to tell the world except that it’s a piece of shit?  You know what I’m saying right?  It’s like these poor famous people have to channel the zeitgeist and make their interior worlds nothing more than a vacuous and noisy shell.  I mean, it must be simultaneously so noisy and empty in there!  I’m only talking about the bad famous people here you understand?  The most famous people literally have the least to tell us.  I mean, how fascinating is that!  Even Jesus was probably pretty cool before he got so famous.

So I don’t know.  Is it naive, optimistic, or being some type of mystic to say that everyone must have moments where their soul knows the truth?  Cause most people are probably just ciphers you know, the norms and mores of the time and culture they live in made manifest upon an otherwise blank face.  But all of them must have some moment when their soul knows the truth.  It would be awesome if at that moment they just instantly dissolved into a flash of effervescent fiery light – just right in the middle of the big box store even.  And then Fox News would be left there trying to spin it in some fashion that still denied the world’s reality.  But they’re just sad because they’ll never dissolve themselves.  You only live once is kind of a stupid saying isn’t it?  “Once” what?  I’ve lived every moment that I’ve ever been alive.  And now here comes a new year.  Let’s live a lot in it….you people are all probably pretty great.

North Country


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