Albany to New York: Biking Down the Hudson

7 May

This one, by necessity, is going to be a little short.

Because I am in love people! And what more can you say on that? I’m talking about a general state of mind here. I’m talking about approaching the world completely in love. With what? With everything? Sure, everything. With whatever the hell you want to be in love with. No wait, that isn’t saying it quite right. I mean to say it’s the approach itself that you’re in love with. I think that gets it better.

You don’t have to be in love with everything you look at, you simply have to love the looking. But truly, truly love the looking. And dancing. Move around a little. Run away from somebody—that’s fun too. I mean physically just run away from somebody. See if they can catch you. And you know what assholes? Go fuck yourselves. Sam Axelrod just said, “This is too crucial a time to be only moderately satisfied.” Right on Sammy. I really like that. Have some goddamn courage people. Why is it all right to say, “These are dark and shitty times we live in.” This world is good. This world is wonderful. We can say that kind of thing. Sure it’s dark and shitty. It’s always been like that. This world has always been absolutely everything we can imagine it to be. It dictates for us; it sets the limits of our imagination. That’s wonderful! Anything you’re ever going to enjoy is here.

It’s biking. Now you’re moving slowly down a country road. That’s what you’re doing. You’ve lost your back story—it doesn’t matter how you got here. You’re rolling into each new moment. And each new moment creates you more. So bring yourself completely into all of them. I’m walking into the store. I’m buying coffee. It’s so nice. You want to know me? I’m right here. Here’s all of me. I will do anything for you. I just want to be kind. Take it all away from me and I will build it up again. Each second is a memory. Start now.

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